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RedBeard Mystery Inc MASTERPOST

Decided I wanted to have a post I could keep adding the red beard pieces I’ve done for my sherlock/scoobydoo mashup. Maybe if I get popular and people like them I’ll be able to go to cons and sell my work! It’s my dream!! 

If you want to see me selling these, doing commissions and taking prompts please follow, like and reblog my stuff cuz if I know people like it then I’ll keep making it!




Theory // V i c k y ::

"Sorry sexy, some secrets have to stay secrets.”

meaning - “to conquer, victory”. 
marks - met Mayfly Man online, unidentified description: “couldn’t tell; he had a mask on” … occupation: “maid”… ideal night out: “dungeon”… makeup: “whatever’s cheap”

Personal Headcanon: Mysterious online “Vicky” is actually Moriarty, toying with Sherlock. Her answers are just vague enough that they could be made up. No face-to-face meeting, done by instant messaging online. References to wearing a ‘mask’. Ideal night out would be a dungeon. Do not tell me Moriarty could not construct a female online identity and history.

Re-watch that scene.


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